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Cheer Austin


Welcome to Cheer Austin, this is the Premiere Cheer Site on the web for the sport in Austin, Texas.  Here you will find out everything cheer!  What's going on, what's going to be going on and how you can be involved!  Call us today for more information: 512-253-1962

Wow, there is so much to see and do now isn't there:

Cheer Class

Cheerleading Camps

Cheerleading Competitions

Does your team rank in the Elite Cheerleading category?  Not yet, still trying to be Cheer Stars, we can help.

Tumble on over here and do the splits, cause we are putting on the Ritz!

Cheerleading Cheers - GO FIGHT CHEER

We are the your resource for all Cheer Austin related.  Pee Wee, Grade School Cheerleading, Middle School Cheerleading, High School Cheerleading, College Cheerleading and Competitive Gym's, WHEW that's a lot of SPIRIT. Speaking of spirit who's got more?

Spirit Stick - WHO's gonna win it? We got Spirit - HOW about YOU! We got Spirit HOW about YOU! Can't HEAR YOU!, WE GOT SPIRIT HOW ABOUT YOU!

Cheer Austin - not from Boston, Cheer Austin - Texas Best, Cheer Austin - State Capital, Cheer Austin - Voted #1

Are you a cheer coach in need of new ideas?  Are you a the best squad in town but need a deal on make up or outfits. Where is that banner of yours?  What can't you get those cute hair pins everyone else has? Cheer Austin is gonna give your team some pep!  Pep Squad your not? Full blown cheer professionals now aren't you!

Judges you have your work cut out for you.  All those cute and athletic cheer'ers with their fancy routines and high flying acrobatics. Man your gonna need a bigger score card. Can we get an instant replay on that tumble please not sure I saw it all.  Did they all just do a wide open flash leg spread into a chest bounce rolling into a head back big Ohhhh MY... never seen that one before. I think this teams got it going on now!

What's NEW, WHAT HOT and WHATS NOT! Get it Here, Or Be a Square!, We got the CHEER Have no FEAR!


Websites and Ad campaigns, Grass roots and bring backs, Facebook to YouTube its all right CHEER! Girls and Boys no time for spills it all about winning trophy toys!


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